Sunday, June 19, 2016

Check Out Our Latest Novel in the Chance O'Brien Mystery Series

We are excited to announce that our newest novel, The Devil Makes the Rules, is now available in the Kindle Store on

For any of our readers who are familiar with El Paso, Texas, this will be a treat. Many of our favorite places are featured in this book. We both were born in El Paso and Charlene still lives there. The setting also shifts to Key West, Florida and the Bahamas. Although the locations are real, the story is entirely fiction, but we let our imaginations run wild and created an exciting adventure for Macy and Chance O'Brien.

This time, it's Macy's ex-husband Brett Adams who is in trouble. Brett has a secret. A secret that destroyed his marriage and carved the path he would take in life. Now Brett is missing, and his ex-wife Macy and her detective husband Chance O’Brien must find him.

They travel to Key West, Florida, and El Paso, Texas, and discover a trail of blood and lies that shock Macy to the core. Now she realizes she was married to a stranger. But it isn’t just Brett’s life in peril; an innocent young woman and her mother are also missing. Chance and Macy must unravel Brett’s deception to save his life and the life of the woman he loves.

We hope you will enjoy reading this book as much as we enjoyed writing it. You will find here it in the Kindle Store for only $2.99. Enjoy!

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