Friday, July 1, 2016

An Interview With R. L. Hayden

Richard and L.C. Hayden

How did you start writing? What first inspired you?

I started writing during study hall instead of doing my homework. I lived in France in the ‘50s and visited many WWII sites. My first short stories were fictional about that time period.

Who or what has helped you the most with your writing career?  

I guess I’d have to say my wife, L. C. Hayden, as I stopped writing out of high school. After helping her with her stuff, I finally decided to start back. 

Do you write everyday?

I write as often as possible. I also spend time doing simple websites, and help other authors get their work on Kindle and as trade paperbacks with Create Space.

Do you have a special place to write?

I do have a ‘room’ but we like to go to other places that have power (Village Inn, Bassett Plaza, etc.) and work there.

Typically, how much do you write a day?

When I actually write, I can knock off about 5,000 words in a couple of hours. 

Do you use an outline? If not, how do you keep your story and characters together?

I don’t use an outline, and only keep a character sheet that I update whenever I add some more description, etc. I usually work from a two page ‘plot page’, but the characters take it from there.

How much do you rewrite? How many drafts do you typically have?

I usually do some rewriting as I check back into previous chapters. There may be two drafts before I send it to my editor.
What drew you to your genre of writing? A specific author, influence?

I like James Rollins, Steve Berry, and Dan Brown, but my novels are a little different.

What authors do you like to read?

The ones mentioned above, and some others in the same genre.

Who is your greatest support?

I’d have to say my wife.
What methods do you use to market your work?

We have signs on our vehicles, I’m learning about key words with Kindle, and posting my website on emails. I’ve still not gotten into heavy marketing.

What are you working on currently?

I have two series out, and am working on the second book in one series and the third book in another series. Plus, I’ve got a novella I’m working on about an assassin with principles. I’ve done the first 8 chapters, and have had friends suggest ‘jobs’ for him. They will be given credit when the work is done.

What advice would you give to beginning writers?  

Simply write. Don’t get tangled up with “my work isn’t good enough” because it is. Mostly because you did it, and the more you write, the better your works will become.

R.L. Hayden’s Books can be found in the Amazon Kindle Store

His titles include:
What Conspiracy, Cover-Up, and Shimmer (Rick Prescott series), Deadly Relics, The Manuscript (Tyler Dawkins series.)

Visit his web site here:

 R. L. Hayden website

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