Saturday, January 28, 2017

We Like Novels with Happy Endings

Judi and I agree with Anne Lamott. The novels that we write have happy or at least satisfying endings. We don’t believe in reading several hundred pages only to discover that the characters we have fallen in love with are on a collision course with death or destruction.

Judi, is actually more adamant about this idea than I am. In the days before eBooks (Can we even remember those days?), Judi would go to the bookstore and read the end of the book first before she would buy the novel. If she didn’t like the ending, the book stayed in its place on the shelf. I was more trusting, but was sometimes disappointed.

That is not to say that our characters have boring, trouble-free lives. They are frequently in jeopardy and have to wriggle out of some difficult situations. Sometimes, one of our characters is destined to die, but the ending of the novel is one that we hope will not disappoint.

Our role model for women was our amazing mother, Alice Bourland. She was loving, kind, and fair, but no one, and I do mean no one, could make her do anything that compromised her morals and ideals. She was intelligent and had a ready wit. She could put people in their place with one steely look from those beautiful, blue-green eyes, and she would never have allowed anyone by word or deed to treat her as anything other than a lady.

Our heroines are not damsels in distress waiting for a strong man to rescue them. A heroine in our books will determine her own destiny and enjoy a relationship with a man with whom they are equal partners.

We think you will like our characters. We invite you to read one of our books. They are only $2.99 in the Kindle Store.

Thanks for reading,

Charlene TESS and Judi THOMPSON

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