Saturday, July 1, 2017

It Takes a Long Time to Write a Short Novel

Mr. Thoreau knew what he was talking about. Rambling on and on is pretty easy to do. You don't have to think about your words or how you are presenting your thoughts. And writing like that is a good way, in fact, the best way to begin.

However, when a writer begins to revise, it is time to cut and slash meaningless words and statements from your draft and begin to search for the perfect word, phrase, and sentence to say exactly what you really mean.

Sometimes it hurts to cut things out of your first draft. You wrote those words. You have invested in those words, and then you highlight and hit the delete key. Ouch! That hurts!

Judi and I usually have the opposite problem with our novels. Neither of us likes to read books filled with long, descriptive passages. We want the writer to just get down to the action and take us to the good parts. So, we find that we often finish with a novel that is a little shorter than it should be.

We hope you will find our books exciting and want to keep turning the pages.

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