Friday, March 29, 2019

Here's Our Latest Novel

Here's our latest cover. Isn't it amazing? 

We want to thank Chaz Bourland, the talented graphic artist who designed the cover and suggested the title of our new novel. 

Angel Falls is available now on 

in the Kindle Store

Here's the trailer with a peek at the plot.

Here's More News

When an Angel Whispers is Book 1 in a trilogy featuring Chance O'Brien. It was FREE on in the Kindle Store for 3 days in April and over 3500 people downloaded it. If you haven't read it, we invite you to give it a try. It is one of our most popular novels. The other two novels in the series are Student Body and The Devil Makes the Rules.

When an Angel Whispers

In a terrifying romantic thriller from Tess Thompson, a young FBI agent is forced to relive her greatest fear.

Macy Adams, a beautiful law student, is abducted and assaulted by a vicious serial killer known as the Bayou Butcher. She escapes with the help of a guardian angel and Houston Police Detective Chance O’Brien.

After fleeing her captor, she begins to build a new life but is plunged back into his murderous grasp by circumstances beyond her control. More women are murdered, and only Macy can help the FBI catch the Butcher before he kills again. What they don’t know is that this time he is out for revenge and is pulling Macy into his carefully planned trap.


Our readers loved the characters in When an Angel Whispers and wanted to know more about Chance O'Brien's grandparents. At the end of When an Angel Whispers is a link to sign up for our newsletter to get your copy of The Dancer and the Cop. It's a FREE vignette describing Vilma's (Babushka's) and Paddy's love story. Judi Thompson wrote it, and it's delightful! 

NOTE: If you previously purchased When an Angel Whispers or you are already subscribed to our email list, please email us for the link to The Dancer and the Cop. <>.

If you have read When an Angel Whispers, please consider leaving us a review. We need a substantial number of reviews so that we can enter contests and advertise on certain book websites. Reviews do not have to be long and involved. You don’t have to give a synopsis of the plot. Just a few brief sentences in which you describe your honest opinion of the book. If you wish to write a review, here’s the link to take you to the book review page on Amazon. 

Thanks for reading,

Judi Thompson and Charlene Tess (aka Tess Thompson)

Judi and Charlene (aka Tess Thompson)

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