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In 2019, we decided to add another genre to our list and also write contemporary romantic comedies. We're having fun writing these books, and we hope you will find them entertaining and enjoyable.

Candee Cain speeds her way through Christmas, Texas, and runs into trouble with the law. When she is unable to pay her fine, the sexy, no-nonsense judge sentences her to a four hundred dollar fine. What’s a resourceful girl to do? Maybe she can come up with a plan?

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She’s a sweet hometown girl from Christmas, Texas, and he’s a handsome Hollywood heartthrob with a reputation. Can opposites really attract? July Heart is back home after a humiliating experience in California. The last thing she wants is to work with the arrogant, self-centered playboy that sent her running back to Texas, and those are the nice things she can think to say about him.

Clay Callahan is trying to salvage his career by working as a director for his stepmother’s small-town theater production. First, he must find a way to charm the lead actress into accepting him. No small feat since the woman despises him.

A fake engagement, a busty ex-girlfriend, and a little criminal activity are merely small roadblocks in Clay’s pursuit of July’s heart. 

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Is Darby O'Shea a witch or a beautiful woman 
with magical powers?

When Darby moves to Christmas, Texas, to manage a local restaurant a nosy neighbor accuses her of growing pot and trying to poison her son. ReedVincent is the new police chief whose quiet life is disrupted when he becomes his nephew's guardian while his brother is overseas.

When Darby moves in across the street from him their instant attraction blossoms into something unexpected, but he is wary of romance. He's been down that road before and it didn't turn out well.

This charming small-town romance will make the reader fall in love with the characters and believe in magic.

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