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Drama, Passion, and Suspense combine in Yesterday’s Promises, a thrilling historical romance from Judi Thompson.

This sweeping saga is the story of passionate love, devastating loss, and second chances set in the wild Texas frontier in the1880s.

Jessica Kirby, a beautiful, headstrong, impulsive young woman, runs a cattle ranch while surrounded by rough, hardened men. After she completes finishing school in Washington, Jessie’s uncle asks a man he trusts to accompany his niece back to her ranch in Texas.

But Gray Garrett is not just any man. He is wickedly handsome and has a dangerous past. In no time, he captures Jessie’s heart, and the two of them find each other hard to resist on the return trip.

 Then, when Garrett’s enemies attack Jessica and leave her for dead, Garrett makes a promise to God, and he knows he must ride away and leave her alone to keep her safe. He is a man of his word and regardless of the repercussions, a promise made is a promise kept.

After all these years, can Garrett continue to keep his secrets and his promises?

Now, Jessie is about to marry another man, and Gray must choose between what his heart is telling him to do and what he knows is right.

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