Charlene Tess's Novels


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Shirine McVey awakens in a room she doesn't recognize and discovers 20 years have passed and she is married to a man she doesn't know. Where is Jeff Fordham, the man she was engaged to and the love of her life? According to her wealthy husband, Jeff is just a figment of her imagination. Could it be true? Could her vivid memory of Jeff be only a dream? 

Lynn's husband is keeping secrets from her. Why had Zeke not told her about his ranch in Colorado? When they arrive, she sees photos of his first wife who is an exquisite beauty. And why is there a crib in the master bedroom?  If you liked Daphne du Maurier's Rebecca, this book is for you.

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When twenty-year-old Sara White’s father dies unexpectedly in August of 1868, she is shocked to learn that her apple orchard is mortgaged. Sara hires Jeremiah, a handsome cowboy who is stranded at the end of a cattle drive, to work for room and board. Jeremiah comes up with a bold plan to take the cash from the apple crop, return to Texas, and buy longhorn cattle. Then, he will drive the herd north and sell it to the government. Can Sara trust him as he rides off with her heart and her future in his hands?

Will the love between a mother and daughter be strong enough to survive an unspeakable tragedy? When a tragic accident and a devastating illness change everything in Patricia’s life, she must deal with the possibility of losing all three of her treasured family members. Patricia’s journey explores the greatest gift of all: the resilience of love.

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