Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Crimson Roses Is Now On Sale

We are excited to announce that our latest romantic suspense novel is now on sale.

She can’t outrun the nightmare from her past—                                                                                      Pepper Chan tried to leave the scars of her abduction behind her when she joined her current veterinary practice in Albuquerque, New Mexico. However, a chance encounter with Roddy Eastman, the brother of her former best friend, leaves her shaken and desperate to keep her distance. The last thing Pepper wants to do is relive the terrible ordeal from so many years ago. Her kidnapper was never caught, and Pepper is afraid to trust anyone.
—or avoid the terrifying omens in the present. Attorney Roddy Eastman is determined to find out why Dr. Chan wants to avoid him. He tries to convince himself that his drive to seek out answers from her is just his concern for his sister’s friend and not something deeper—like his long-standing attraction to her since high school. The sudden murder of her boyfriend makes it clear that a deranged murderer is taunting Pepper, waiting for the right moment to strike. When Pepper reluctantly reaches out to him, Roddy offers her his help. Together, they must dig into her past to uncover the identity of the stalker before his twisted plans can become a reality.

If you have read Angel Falls, you will recognize Roddy Eastman, the attorney who helped Maggie and defended Russell. He is special to Bella and is Maggie's best friend. It's not necessary to have read Angel Falls to enjoy this novel, but knowing the backstory will make for a richer experience.

Monday, September 16, 2019

An Adventure with Sisters Writing Crime

Photo of Sisters Writing Crime

Our experience at the Colorado Gold Writers Conference turned out to be a typical Tess Thompson adventure. By ourselves, we are healthy, relatively organized, rational women. However, when you put us together, chaos reigns. It’s been going on for years.

We attended the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers Conference in Denver, and on the way, we missed our exit and ended up heading for Wyoming. The GPS led us in circles, but we finally found our hotel, pulled into the underground parking garage, and drove up the ramp to a level that had to be at least a mile above the mile-high city. We squeezed into the tiny spot and left our luggage in the car while we checked in.

As soon as we exited the elevator, we realized we hadn't heard a beep-beep sound. Oh hell, we forgot to set the car alarm. Like the safety-conscious travelers that we are, we got back in the elevator, and oh double hell, we didn’t know which level we had parked on. Since we knew we parked near the top, we hit button number four. We got out of the elevator and wouldn’t you know? No car! We tried button number three. No luck. The winning number was two. We couldn’t believe it was number two since we thought we’d nearly climbed Pikes Peak.

Our next stop was the bar because we figured we really deserved a drink. Judi ordered an Amaretto and soda for herself and an Amaretto Sour for Charlene. The bartender, a cute little gal who couldn’t have been any older than ten, looked at Judi, and said, "What's Amaretto?” She indicated the bottles on shelves behind her and Judi pointed to the distinctive bottle saying, “That’s it.” Judi then repeated the drink order, and the bartender with a perplexed look on her face said, "What’s in an Amaretto Sour?”

“Hell, I don’t drink it. I guess it’s got lime or lemon in it,” Judi replied and took out her phone to google the directions for making the drink. Judi paid for the drinks with her card and left shaking her head. The next round was on Charlene, and Judi felt a great sense of pride when Charlene returned to the table carrying two drinks without any incident. Now, the bartender was one rung above her colleagues because she had learned to make an Amaretto Sour.

Later that night, the message light began blinking on the phone in the hotel room. Charlene called the front desk, and after hearing the message, slapped her forehead and said, "I am such an idiot." Turning to Judi, she said, “I left my credit card at the bar.”

Realizing Charlene didn’t hold the sole title as an idiot, Judi said, “Maybe it was mine.” They both looked in their respective wallets, and yes, Judi was the culprit who had left her card at the bar. In Judi’s defense, it probably happened during all the confusion while she was playing bartender.

The last major incident, well for this trip anyway, involved the room safe. We tried to lock our jewelry away. It’s not as if we had drippy diamonds or anything, but our jewelry, some of which we inherited from our dear mother, was sentimental. We aren’t the Kardashians after all. We didn’t see the printed directions and managed to lock ourselves out of the safe and had to call security. A kind man helped us open it, and said that this happened all the time. Yeah, sure it did, we thought.

I wish we could say that’s all that happened on this trip, but the rest we’ll just keep to ourselves. We are too busy writing to have time for the nice young men in clean white suits to come and take us away.

Friday, March 29, 2019

Here's Our Latest Novel

Here's our latest cover. Isn't it amazing? 

We want to thank Chaz Bourland, the talented graphic artist who designed the cover and suggested the title of our new novel. 

Angel Falls is available now on Amazon.com 

in the Kindle Store

Here's the trailer with a peek at the plot.

Here's More News

When an Angel Whispers is Book 1 in a trilogy featuring Chance O'Brien. It was FREE on Amazon.com in the Kindle Store for 3 days in April and over 3500 people downloaded it. If you haven't read it, we invite you to give it a try. It is one of our most popular novels. The other two novels in the series are Student Body and The Devil Makes the Rules.

When an Angel Whispers

In a terrifying romantic thriller from Tess Thompson, a young FBI agent is forced to relive her greatest fear.

Macy Adams, a beautiful law student, is abducted and assaulted by a vicious serial killer known as the Bayou Butcher. She escapes with the help of a guardian angel and Houston Police Detective Chance O’Brien.

After fleeing her captor, she begins to build a new life but is plunged back into his murderous grasp by circumstances beyond her control. More women are murdered, and only Macy can help the FBI catch the Butcher before he kills again. What they don’t know is that this time he is out for revenge and is pulling Macy into his carefully planned trap.


Our readers loved the characters in When an Angel Whispers and wanted to know more about Chance O'Brien's grandparents. At the end of When an Angel Whispers is a link to sign up for our newsletter to get your copy of The Dancer and the Cop. It's a FREE vignette describing Vilma's (Babushka's) and Paddy's love story. Judi Thompson wrote it, and it's delightful! 

NOTE: If you previously purchased When an Angel Whispers or you are already subscribed to our email list, please email us for the link to The Dancer and the Cop. <novelsbytessthompson@gmail.com>.

If you have read When an Angel Whispers, please consider leaving us a review. We need a substantial number of reviews so that we can enter contests and advertise on certain book websites. Reviews do not have to be long and involved. You don’t have to give a synopsis of the plot. Just a few brief sentences in which you describe your honest opinion of the book. If you wish to write a review, here’s the link to take you to the book review page on Amazon. 

Thanks for reading,

Judi Thompson and Charlene Tess (aka Tess Thompson)

Judi and Charlene (aka Tess Thompson)

Monday, February 18, 2019

Stolen Laughter on Sale

We are excited to announce that Stolen Laughter is on sale in the Kindle Store with a new cover. If you haven't read this book yet, we hope you will give it a try. Then, if you want to follow the characters, you can read the sequel, Terminal Identity.

Our readers are telling us they love the characters in these books that include Bryce Cameron and his brother Quinn, and the women who love them. Hannah Brody and Dixie Lee King are as different as two women can be. Hannah is a psychologist, and Dixie is a waitress in a diner, but they lost their hearts to the Cameron brothers who are from a wealthy family in Atlanta.

Here's what one reviewer said:

"Fascinating, intriguing, and absolutely an excellent read is the romantic mystery, Stolen Laughter by Tess Thompson. Starting with the prologue, the characters are believable and invite the reader to become invested in their lives. One of the many things that I like about the Tess Thompson style of writing is their ability to give the reader the amount of information needed to form a mind's eye picture, but not so much that the reader gets bored with minutia. Sometimes the reader doesn't realize that what seems unimportant to the storyline is really expertly and intricately woven into the plot.

For me, guessing the direction that the novel will take is part of the fun of reading a novel, and I love to be right, but in this case, I was totally surprised, which a good thing. This book is truly filled with unexpected twists and turns. Although sequels are not something that I think about or hope for, but in this case, I would love to see a sequel because Juliette intrigues me."
     --Halley Glen

Be sure to get your copy while it is on sale.

Thanks for reading,

Tess Thompson

Monday, December 31, 2018

Here's a Peek at Our Reviews and an Excerpt from Terminal Identity.

Dear Readers,

Here’s hoping each and every one of you had a restful and joyful Christmas season and that you have a wonderful new year in 2019. Judi and I have enjoyed reading the reviews that our novels are receiving. Here are just a few:

When an Angel Whispers  (Buy it here.) 

“This is the first book I have read in this genre and I loved it. The next two are on my to read list. This is a page turner you won't want to put down until you figure out who is doing it and even then, you won't believe it. So well written page turning gripping suspense thriller. Loved it. Highly recommend. Can't wait to read the next one in this series.”  G. S.

"I voluntarily read an arc of this book for an honest review. This was very well written. The characters are amazing and I loved the psychic twist to the story. I was a little surprised by the multiple storylines until the end where it made sense and actually added to the story. The serial killer aspect of the story was really creepy and everything you’d imagine and the chemistry between not just the main characters but the peripheral characters was very good. I really enjoyed this book and didn’t want it to end. I saw where there’s two sequels and I’m going read them. I need to know more about these amazing characters." -- L. P.

Stolen Laughter (Buy it here.)

“Wow what a rollercoaster ride. Twists and turns abound. This is a great read, mystery, intrigue, it pulls at your heart strings and keeps you on the edge of your seat. I recommend it to all.”  --C.R.

 “A suspense filled mystery with a lovely romance between 2 beautiful characters. Lots of twists and turns. I thought that I knew which direction the story was headed and then it would change. Kept my interest from the first page to the last. Couldn't wait to see how it ended!!” --L.P.

“I could not put the story down. Lots of surprises and suspense, without the same old love story or mystery like so many other books available. Absolutely enjoyed this tale!” --J.T.

Terminal Identity, the sequel to Stolen Laughter is available now in the Kindle store.

 In Terminal Identity, the stand-alone sequel to Stolen Laugher, Juliette Dreschler awakens to a startling reality. She is only a shell of the woman she used to be after a life-altering accident left her both physically and mentally changed and now someone has marked her for death.

Lenny Raines has been hired to keep the young, fragile woman safe and to determine who and why someone wants to harm her. Lenny isn’t your average hero and has scars of his own from a troubled and dangerous past. He is intrigued by Juliette’s stubborn determination and admires her courage in the face of danger. 

Lenny tries to push aside the growing intense feelings he has for Juliette, because the last time he became involved it almost cost him everything. As a killer emerges from the shadows, Lenny must risk everything to protect the woman he loves.

We are working on our next romantic suspense novel with an entirely new cast of characters. We hope you will love them as much as we do. It will be published in the fall of 2019.

Happy New Year! We really appreciate you.

Thanks for reading,

Author Photo Tess Thompson

Judi Thompson and Charlene Tess (aka Tess Thompson)

All of our novels are available here.