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Charlene TESS and Judi THOMPSON

Charlene Tess and Judi Thompson

We are sisters who began co-writing novels in 2002. Our pen names are Tess Thompson and Annie Curtis. (Tess Thompson is a combination of our sir names, and Annie Curtis was our great-grandmother.)

We invite you to take a look at our novels that our readers tell us they love to read.


 Tess Thompson Romantic Suspense 



Annie Curtis Contemporary Romantic Comedies




Whether or not you have read books in the Chance O'Brien Romantic Suspense series, you will love this prequel that reveals the backstory of Chance's grandparents. It's a FREE gift to anyone who subscribes to our newsletter.

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We love to hear from our readers. You can email us at novelsbytessthompson@gmail.com.


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